Broken Biscuits - Disabled Animal Advocacy

We’re delighted to be supporting Broken Biscuits for our first Shop and Support feature. This amazing charity helps disabled dogs get a new lease of life. It was started by wife and husband team, Cassandra and Tim, after they had been travelling around Europe helping rescue dogs. They noticed that a number of dogs who were paralysed or blind are known as “lifers” in the rescue centres as they weren’t expected to find families and they wanted to make sure these dogs weren’t left behind.

Broken Biscuits currently have over 178 animals in their care across a number of shelters in Europe and Africa and provide custom-made wheelchairs, rehabilitation funding, help with rehoming and education programmes. Many of these dogs have have serious spinal injuries or degenerative diseases so need a tremendous amount of love and care. Along with the rescue centres they also help families with low income, this enables them to give their pup a second chance and provide a brighter future.

The team is run by volunteers who help with fundraising, answering messages and raising awareness about just how wonderful and capable these disabled animals are. As a not for profit charity, Broken Biscuits are always looking for more support with volunteers, raising awareness and funding to help run events and to ensure they can continue to help these incredible dogs.

We are delighted to be supporting by donating £5 for every sale during September and October, so if you are thinking of treating your dog to a new collar or something for yourself, know that you’ll also be helping one of these incredible dogs have a better life.

Please take a look at their website and Facebook page to find out more about the amazing work that they do.

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